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Create breathtaking looks in seconds without spending hours on color grading.


Our LUTs are designed to get the most out of the DJI picture profiles D-Log and D-LogM. Harness the power of professional color adjustments with our easy-to-use video LUTs.

The cinematic Luts are just amazing! The videos of my Mavic 2 look so much better than before and the colors really pop out now. The teal and orange style is absolutely insane. LIT!!

Benjamin W

We are currently shooting with our DJI Inspire 2 with an X7 and the LUTs work really well with the picture profile! Now we can show our clients a preview of the footage immediately on set. Huge improvement!

Jeremy Peters

So glad that I found Lutrebels! I always thought that coloring my videos would be too much effort but these filter Luts really did most of the work for me. Some clicks in Final Cut and all the Luts are ready to use. Great:)

Monica S

Travel Filmmaker

Take videos to the next level by adding a cinematic touch to any scenery.

Editing Professionals

Save hours of post production by choosing from a large set of coloring presets.


Create a stunning look that makes your content stand out. Fast and easy.

Professional results

That’s why our drone LUTs are used by both beginners and experts.  You can now apply breathtaking looks to your videos with our carefully designed Lut collection. Easily.


The LUTs work with almost all common editing applications such as FinalCut ProX, Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve

High quality 3D Luts

Increased dynamic range, matching color palettes and a defined but punchy contrast is the key to creating breathtaking cinematic videos. All our LUTs are carefully designed to preserve as much details as possible while creating a unique film-like look.